12" LP / CD / Digital
July 20, 1999

Here ‘tis: the long-awaited and complete retrospective of one of the finest teenage garage bands to emerge from Steel Country in the 1960s!

The Arondies formed in late 1962 in Clairton, Pennsylvania. The young band struck a hit in 1965 with the help of local DJ Terry Lee: the flawless instrumental track “69.” Beautiful vocal ballads like “All My Love” followed, becoming favorites at the many dances they played. An endless cycle of shows, personal appearances, and shrieking girls proceeded. This was (briefly) Pittsburgh’s personal version of Beatlemania.

Get Hip, in collaboration with band member Bill Scully, located and remastered many of The Arondies’ session tapes, supplementing missing masters with acetates and mint copies of their original singles. The result is a bona fide, deluxe reissue, complete with amazing sound and a 12-page booklet packed with photos, mementos, and an extensive band history.

From the revved-up opening track “Step Move Jump Slide” to the Latin-inspired “Mexico Tex” to a laundry list of twangy, teenage garage nuggets, you’re sure to love this retrospective. Get introduced…to The Arondies!