12" LP / CD / Digital
April 1, 1994

Originally released in 1988, The Cynics second album shows the band in a slightly lighter mood, combining scorching guitar tracks with some of the Cynics more pop material. Great originals like “Yeah!” and “Took Her Hand” combined with covers like “Abba” and “A Basket of Flowers” to prove for all time that the Cynics aren’t just three-chord wonders, weaving some intricate guitar lines with some excellent harmonies, reminiscent of some of the band’s earlier singles. This release also has its share of classic crushers from the Cynics. Cuts like “Creepin”, “Erica” and “Nothin'” feature some great wall of fuzz guitar. This release shows the Cynics maturing, expanding their musical horizons without forsaking their garage roots. Truly a classic!

The Twelve Flights Up LP contains the exclusive track “Blues in D.”

The Sixteen Flights Up CD and digital reissues contain five bonus tracks not available on LP:

  1. I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining
  2. Smoke Rings
  3. Little Girl
  4. Cat and Mouse
  5. But Now I’m Found