12" LP / CD / Digital
November 12, 2002

In May 2002 THE CYNICS hooked up with ace producer/R&R spiritual counselor TIm Kerr in Austin, TX. to record their first studio album in 7 years and most likely their best one to date! Recorded at Sweat Box Studios with Mike Vasquez and Bryan Nelson engineering, the tracks were laid down in just three days and they capture the energy and intensity of the Cynics live performances. The songs cover quite a dynamic range -from howling, fuzzed-out punkers to mid-tempo melodic folk-rock nuggets to pure psych-garage mayhem. All with the ever-present Gretsch guitar sound of Gregg Kostelich and the gnarly great in-your-face vocals of Michael Kastelic. Completing the sound is Tom Hohn’s prime beat bashing and Smith Hutching’s solid bass.

“Keeping the Garage torch burning since 1983, the Cynics come through like a rude blast of fuzz-tone guitar.”  –  Entertainment Weekly 

“A slew of prime Cynics skree. Among my picks to click are the malevolent, “Psycho-edged ‘The Tone’ and the interstellar hard rock jam ‘Shine’ which sounds like Coltrane crossed with the old Alice Cooper Group. But there ain’t a duff track in the bunch!  –  Fred Mills, Magnet