Third album by Pittsburgh’s Garage finest. This release from 1990 featured a major lineup change for the Cynics, and showed the band continuing to mature as writers and musicians. Cuts like “Now I’m Alone” and “Girl, You’re on My Mind” (the latter penned for the Cynics by the Mystic Eyes Bernie Kugel) are hits that should have been. Other cuts like “What You Get,” “Business As Usual,” “Baby, What’s Wrong” and “Way It’s Gonna Be” show the Cynics at a peak of energy, creativity and ability. This release also includes a few well-chosen covers of forgotten classics from the sixties, revitalized with the Cynics style and skill. “Cry, Cry, Cry” and “Last Time Around” are scorchers, while “The Room” shows the Cynics lighter side. This album is a true classic. If you didn’t get it before, get it now!
**The 2007 reissue has been remastered and includes bonus track not available on the original, of a cover of the Sonics classic “Shot Down”  from the same session recorded for a tribute album back in the day. Also available on 180-gram LP and colored vinyl!**

“1990 PITTSBURGH Music Awards Winner: Best Vocalist, Best Rock Recording, Band Of the Year” KDKA TV-2

“Energy & attitude with killer hooks” ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“A continual spew of fuzz-fed exhilaration that outshines their progenitors. The Cynics keep the blacklight beat and the six-string swarm consistently set at adrenal overload” CMJ

“Dynamite shots of Nuggets revisited” ROLLING STONE

#4 ROCKPOOL College Radio Chart 1990

Track Listing:

  1. Baby, What’s Wrong
  2. Way It’s Gonna Be
  3. Girl, You’re On My Mind
  4. Get My Way
  5. Tears Are Coming
  6. Business As Usual
  7. Cry, Cry, Cry
  8. You Got The Love
  9. Close To Me
  10. Different Worlds
  11. Now I’m Alone
  12. What You Get
  13. Last Time Around
  14. The Room
  15. Shot Down (CD Bonus Track)


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