CD / Digital
July 20, 1999

Two years after completion, the sophomore album by Montana psych-rockers Donovan’s Brain has finally arrived!

Recorded between 1995 and ’97, “double album” Eclipse and Debris features performances by two different Brain lineups. While most of the tracks feature DB’s 1995 live band, two songs were recorded with current Brain members (c. 1999), and the Young Fresh Fellows take center stage on one track of their own.

The Brain line-up was further augmented by the wonderful talents of ex-Help Yourself members Richard Treece and Ken Whaley. When DB began recording what would later become Eclipse and Release in 1995, the band was comprised of Ron Sanchez (guitars and vocals), Paul Rose (guitars and vocals), Jim Kehoe (bass and vocals), and Jason McKnight (drums). The group disbanded while opening for Man Or Astroman?; in February ’96, Sanchez flew to London with the session tapes to start his collaboration with Treece and Whaley who added their inimitable magic to five numbers.

After returning home, Sanchez pulled two more tracks from the ’95 sessions and treated them to a major overhaul. Following a long tour with R.E.M., Scott McCaughey and the Young Fresh Fellows launched their ‘96 U.S. Tour at GLEA. An impromptu all-night recording session yielded four new masters: two for Donovan’s Brain and two for the Fellows.

The final sessions for Eclipse and Debris began in early 1997, when the band regrouped for a series of shows. The final recording, “Two White Spiders” (a tribute to Roky Erickson), was finished just minutes before Ken Stringfellow arrived to mix the album.