12" LP / CD / Digital
June 15, 1998


This album sounds a bit like the Squares member who has learned from the master himself. As a result, this, his debut album, is a raw, minimal garage record. But wait, there’s more to it…he likes to experiment and his songs feature interesting use of percussion and other innovative instruments.

Mr. Zero is the brainchild of former Squares and Thee Headcoats member Oli Dolot. A true veteran in the Garage/R&B scene, Oli masters the drums and guitar and creates primitive, beat-driven, haunting tunes worthy of the best Childish repertoire.

Oli is an expert in the Toe Rag recording style and the proud owner of a vintage studio and custom guitar shop. His style has a definite French Twist; he likes experimentation, minimalist yet complex songwriting, and the use of percussion and innovative instruments mixed with vintage equipment. All of these ingredients combine to produce original, raw and wild Garage music.

Voodoo’s Eros is his fabulous debut album filled with lyrics about the eroticism of cannibalism, criticism and exclusion, possession, bewitchment, and women. Fun, ironic lyrics, weird sounds, and cool beats drive the album from beginning to end. Give it a listen; you’ll be hooked!