12" LP / CD / Digital
October 12, 2010


Hailing from gritty Mexico City, Los Explosivos are in the vanguard of the new breed of young punks carrying the torch of Garage Rock! Get Hip first got a glimpse of their greatness when they opened for The Cynics at their Mexico City shows a few years back and immediately made the decision to release their music.

The band recorded their first album at Mexico City’s community club/studio/label Alicia, who released it on CD in Mexico. Shortly after Get Hip issued the American version with new artwork while our friends at Slovenly Records released it on vinyl.

Los Explosivos toured extensively in Europe promoting their own brand of frenetic paced Garage punk mayhem. They regrouped and returned to Mexico City last Fall to record their sophomore record, which polishes ever so slightly the rawness of their debut album while keeping the angst, speed, and energy intact! Ten killer new tracks, 8 originals and two covers: They render homage to one of the most legendary psychedelic garage bands outta Spain, Los Negativos, with their classic Moscas y Arañas (Flys and Spiders) which turns into a dirty rocker in their hands. The other cover by The Moods features a stellar appearance by The Cynics’ Michael Kastelic rending the lead vocals to the snotty garage tune, the only one on this album sung in English.

As with every recording, this really captures the raw energy that pours from these boys’ pores! Short and sweet, yet packing a wallop that’s gonna hurt tomorrow!