12" LP


Welcome to the Meeting.   May we get started?

Legendary label Get Hip is proud to introduce you to Meeting of Important People. A young three-piece garage-pop band from Pittsburgh that is being called one of America’s best-kept young secrets, with a ferocious live show and debut full-length LP soon to be out on Get Hip Vinyl.

MOIP is being called the leaders of the cutting-edge new generation of Garage Pop:  their promo video for the LP track “Brittney Lane,”  featuring the band in an animated cardboard city, gained hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and Vimeo.  Influential radio station WYEP-FM named the band Artists of the Year in 2010; and now, Get Hip is releasing their first self-titled debut LP on vinyl in Spring 2011.

The band has recorded with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine), has shared the stage with renowned artists such as The Secret Machines, Blonde Redhead, Sam Roberts Band, and Ok Go, and has received heavy international airplay on XFM and terrestrial radio.  Their debut single, “Mothers Pay More,” ignited a blogging and media frenzy, and full-length debut album is certain to make listeners dance, giggle, and shiver with its creepy take on the suburbs and young life in and outside of the big city.

Songwriter and lead singer Josh Verbanets blends the guitar theatrics of Pete Townshend, the lyrical perspective of Ray Davies, and the irreverence of Kurt Cobain, for a sing-song-y experience of taking one’s self not-too-seriously, but just seriously enough.  A band about finding fun in the strangest of places; you’ll be happy to be treated to tunes about the consequences of vandalizing a graveyard, stories of youngsters waiting for their friends in the deep, dark woods, and many more.  Think the old Alice Cooper group with Loudon Wainwright behind the pen.

The band’s well-received spot at New York’s CMJ Festival, as well as live dates throughout the States and Canada, have gained rave reviews for MOIP, a band that forever pledges to keep the loud parts loud, the quiet parts quiet, and the people happy.

Are you ready for the Meeting?