10" LP / Digital
May 13, 2014


Since their formation in the Fall of 2006, The Cavestompers! have combined savage mid-’60s garage-punk with an infectious, primitive beat sound filled with psych guitars, crude fuzz, and electrifying organ passages. Due in part to their heavy use of vintage East-Bloc and Soviet instruments and equipment, the band comes across as a slightly delayed homage to ‘60s garage rock from behind the Iron Curtain.

Over the past eight years, The Cavestompers! have logged 150+ shows throughout Russia and Europe, spreading the disease and provoking garage booms and blasts in all kinds of places: former canteens, Stalin-era hotels, abandoned factories and naval bases, squats, weddings, music schools, and more! They’ve shared the stage with Billy Childish, The Cynics, Los Peyotes, Mark Sultan, and a handful of other great international acts, as well as providing backup for Peter Zaremba (The Fleshtones).

The Cavestompers! well-reviewed debut LP Introducing… was released in 2008 by Groovie Records (Portugal). Their followup 7” split with The Organs was issued by Chickpea Records in 2011. Now it’s time for Stompede, the band’s first release through Get Hip Recordings, to hit your turntable!

Stompede features seven new analog jams thick with the Cavestompers! signature primordial sound and spirit. Six original tracks accompanied by a faithful rendition of The Noblemen’s “I’m Gone,” all pressed to 10-inch wax on limited edition orange vinyl (as well as classic black) and presented in a ferocious full-color sleeve.

Stay Tuned, Far Out, and Viva Garage!