12" LP / CD / Digital
April 17, 2012


Into Your Ears is The Ripe’s debut full-length album; a record which is colorful in sound and blends into many shades of power pop, folk, and psychedelic rock. The recordings were actualized at Circo Perrotti studios in Gijon, Spain with vintage Abbey Road/BBC gear where the band indulged in free musical fantasy and wild expression.
Please turn it up!

With boundless musical imagination, The Ripe has sprung forth from it’s roots in power-pop, folk, garage, and psychedelia while still being nurtured by contemporary sounds and influences. Born in 2007, the Austin, Texas group consists of Jake Garcia on guitar/vocals (formerly of The Ugly Beats), Gian Ortiz on bass/backing vocals (also of Amplified Heat’s fame) and Nick Yaklin on drums. Cultivated by the energy and hooks of powerpop, and consciously trying to bring to real life the Beatles White Album, these guys also feed upon equal doses of Forever Changes-era LOVE and The Kinks at their Village Green best.

We can describe The Ripe’s sound as a sonic ferris wheel full of excellent melodies and Sixties-influenced harmonies that spins around a pop music shaft, combining perfectly different music styles like garage, beat, psychedelia and folk-rock in its most pure form with hints of country. A cocktail equally delicious and acidic that has given life to this marvelous piece of work called Into Your Ears (Get Hip, 2012).

Songs like “A Good Thing Found” are a true delight to the ears; a colorful pop pill with folk notes, with a Dylan-esque touch, superb bass lines right upfront and a harmonica melody that will stick to you for days. The captivating, soft yet commanding voice of Jake Garcia is ever-present delivering every track like the best smooth operator in songs like the sixties-beat tinged “Lost Weekend” and the raving opening track “Be Adventurous”. Not one single note is superfluous in the 12 tracks that round out this impressive debut album.