12" LP / CD / Digital
February 17, 2015


The long-awaited second album by Garage Rock heavyweights Pow Wows is here at last! Broken Curses delivers 10 songs chock full of addictive hooks, hot-wired fuzz guitars, and pounding rhythms that hearken back to the underworld of ’60s Garage and ’70s Punk while remaining undeniably fresh and modern. As Pow Wows rip through 50 years of Rock & Roll rant and rave they also paint a brooding and undoubtedly intense picture of the world today. These are tales of dystopia with a backbeat. Party Rock for end times.

New tracks like “Car Cemetery” and “Fire Song” are blazing Garage Punk stompers while “You Haven’t Got Me Yet” and “Rebel Stomp” are groovy, Detroit R&B-laced hipshakers. The darker side comes out in the hypnotic towers of “Hidden Future” and “Traces” while an homage to ‘60s greats The Equals (“I Can See But You Don’t Know”) provides some upbeat go-go dancefloor action you can clap your hands to. This roaring platter will take you on one hell of a trip in a half hour – the way it should be!