12" EP / CD / Digital
April 28, 2017


Trash Bag is a stripped-down and noised-out female-fronted punk three-piece from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SIKES is an indie hip hop producer and emcee known for his work in various projects throughout Pittsburgh’s underground music scene.

While on fairly opposite ends of the sonic spectrum, these two acts became close friends after sharing the bill on local shows throughout 2015. Talks of a “collaboration” began not long after.

In early 2016, Trash Bag entered the studio with Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings to track the first half of what would become the Split EP. Later, SIKES remixed their raw tracks, meticulously crafting the second half of the Split in his home studio.

Trash Bag’s contribution is a trio of snotty, attitude-fueled anthems that tell possibly autobiographical tales about drinking toxic waste, mystical bathroom spirits, and driving fast cars–the stuff dreams are made of!

By sourcing and sequencing a whole heck-load of loops and samples from Trash Bag’s sessions, SIKES composed a handful of new, possibly autobiographical and unapologetically bloodthirsty songs that round out the EP.

The end result is a distortion-driven tornado of noise, terror, and chaos, sprinkled with just enough bounce and groove to keep the wildest of parties movin’ and shakin’ all night long! Not for the narrow-minded or easily frightened.