A1. The Taxidermist
A2. Half Century
A3. A Shadow on the Wall
A4. It’s Her World
A5. Square One (Fool’s Gold)
B1. Stage Fright
B2. Onomatopoeia
B3. Sleeping Partner
B4. All Wound Up
B5. Black and White

**Not available for digital download**

12" LP
November 10, 2017


Strangers in a Strange Land are Paul Kopf (The Seeds), Alec Palao (Sneetches, Ace Records) and Derek See (Chocolate Watchband), with honorary Stranger Prairie Prince on drums.

Produced and engineered by Palao, Strangers eponymous debut album was crafted throughout 2016 in the well-informed yet discerning style these San Francisco-based veterans are known for: pop music with a reverence for the past, yet with its eye fixed firmly on the future–delivered with twice the energy as fellows half their age!

The music on Strangers ranges from the sarcastic freakbeat of “The Taxidermist” and “It’s Her World” to the lush, harmony-filled psych-pop of “A Shadow on the Wall.” “Half Century” and “All Wound Up” pulse with the band’s punchy yet melodic groove while “Onomatopoeia” is world-weary folk rock in the tradition of The Byrds and Hollies. The album concludes with “Black and White,” a heartbreaking performance that would do Robin Gibb proud.

Strangers are not strangers: Kopf and Palao worked for several years together in The Magic Christian with Flamin’ Groovie Cyril Jordan; See is a respected player who’s performed with members of Brian Jonestown Massacre and led the groups The Bang and Gentle Cycle. Though he doesn’t appear on the album, drummer Craig Heitkam, also of the Gentle Cycle, has now ably filled the Strangers’ vacant throne.

The band’s live performances have already received enthusiastic reviews. Look for them on tour in early 2018, accompanied by Christian Vannasdall.