DONOVAN’S BRAIN “Hit Me, in the Face / 50,000,000 Years (Before My Time)”

7" Single / Digital
February 26, 1997


“Hit Me, In The Face,” from the rock opera Shambaholic is a shimmering mid-tempo pop-psych number that has lots of little neat enhancements fading in and out of the mix. “50,000,000 Years” is another exercise in the pop-psych idiom and features a cool backwards guitar solo. This is a different version than the one on Butterfly Wheel.

Jim Kehoe (Vocals, guitar)
Terry Moto (Drums, bass)
Paul Rose (Vocals)
Ron Sanchez (Vocals, guitars, piano and organ)

A Loaded Deluxe Production
Recorded at GLEA, Bozeman, Montana
Engineered by RS
Asst. Engineer: Vino Tinto
Edited & Mastered by Brother Buz
c & p Donovan’s Brain 1996
Cover design: Keyshae Design & Photography