DT’S “Freedom / Don’t Mess with Cupid”

7" Single / Digital
May 1, 2009


New single featuring one of the strongest cuts of their latest album, Filthy Habits (2007)  b/w an exclusive cover of the R & B soul classic done with powerchord and howlin’ intensity.

The Dt’s are-
Diana Young-Blanchard: vocals
Dave Crider: guitar
Matthew Zielfelder: bass guitar
Mike VanBuskirk: drums

“Freedom” recorded and mixed by Jack Endino at MARS Studios, Bellingham, WA.

“Don’t Mess with Cupid” recorded by Johnny Sangster and mixed by Scott Greene, Bellingham, WA.

Patti Bell: Keys on Cupid
Phil Carter: Drums on both tracks
Scott Greene: Bass on both tracks

Design by Art Chantry Esq.

Back cover photo by Dena Flows