7" Single / Digital


Get Hip is proud to present, at last, a 7-inch single by our favorite Danish Garage Punk band: Baby Woodrose! The A-Side is a track from their latest full-length album simply called Baby Woodrose while the B-side “I Need” is exclusive to Get Hip and was originally recorded for the Love Comes Down album from 2004. It was never used on the album since the drums mysteriously disappeared from the mastertape. The drums were later restored and the song can now be heard for the first time on this single!

When Baby Woodrose released their debut album Blows Your Mind in 2001 it was a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced it together with The Moody Guru and released it on his own record label Pan Records. Baby Woodrose later became a real band and the next album, Money For Soul, reflected that. Here they created a unique sound that took them to the ’60s and back leaving the music being influenced by many shades of rock’n’roll and psych but played with heartfelt punk attitude. Money For Soul became their first hit record resulting in massive airplay on national radio and the opening slot on the main stage at the Roskilde Festival in 2003 and tons of gigs all over the world. Two very diverse sounding albums followed, the rocking Love Comes Down from 2006 and the moodier and more psychedelic Chasing Rainbows from 2007.

By 2009 it was time for a change. Baby Woodrose have for many years toured and recorded as a trio but the past year it has in reality been a Lorenzo Woodrose project. Lorenzo has spend a good deal of the first 6 months of 2009 in Studie 73 recording the new Baby Woodrose album. This time he recorded almost all instruments himself and together with producer Johan Gellett they have created a new Baby Woodrose sound that will probably surprise quite a few people. The album is simply called Baby Woodrose and will be released as LP/CD/Download September 14th on Bad Afro Records.

Every Baby Woodrose album is different. Working in a new environment and with new people has resulted in a new sound that is more punchy, straight and to the point than on previous Baby Woodrose albums. The songwriting of Lorenzo Woodrose remains the same though and on Baby Woodrose we get to hear a fine blend of fuzzed out garage punk and beautiful melancholic songs. The broken Kinks riff in “No Mas” is a solid punch in the face while “Countdown To Breakdown” is an epic ballad of pure brilliance. And then there’s “Emily”, in Lorenzos own words the most commercial song he has ever done. In the futur,e Baby Woodrose will have a more fluent line-up both live and in the studio centered around Lorenzo Woodrose.