7" Single / Digital
June 2, 2017


Mel from the Phantom Surfers here. By virtue of you holding this 45, you probably have more interest in 1960’s Biker Fuzz than 99.999999% of the earth’s population. Congratulations! If I have to explain what this rather esoteric music genre is, blah blah blah. This sliver of an instrumental subgenre was birthed in 1965 by my ole’ pal Davie Allan. Along with his Arrows, Davie scored countless biker soundtracks and LPs, and subsequently spawned many imitators, including Toronto’s own Pow Wows. For over 50 years, Davie has been cranking out tune after fuzzy tune to the delight of garage fans.

For this release, The King of Fuzz has resurrected his 1990’s interpretation of his 1960’s sound with a reinterpretation of one of his 1980’s tracks. You follow that? Multi-layered buzzy guitars, heavy drums, and a catchy melody rate this number a keeper.

The Pow Wows reach directly back to 1966 for their sound, and what a sound it is! I believe if Satan’s Choice MC, Canada’s No. 1 1%’ers were still around, they might choose this cut as their theme song. Take that, Wild Angels!

Toss in famed producer Jim Diamond, preeminent musicologist/doodler Olaf Jens, and a bevy of naked biker skanks, and you have…..well, the one great thing about instrumental music is you can conjure up whatever fantastical nonsense you like. And to quote Bernie Guindon, the first National President of Satan’s Choice, ” Buy this record…OR ELSE!”.