7" Single / Digital
June 2, 2017


It was late 2016. The sun was shining brightly above the Mediterranean Coast, and Weird Omen, France’s most frenetic Garage-Psych trio, was touring from Sardinia to Catalunya. After two weeks of wild parties and long, thirsty nights, the band sauntered into Perpignan’s Wattsville/Wattshouse, the legendary analog studio run by the Picard Brothers.

What follows is two smoldering slabs of sultry Garage Rock, recorded live in-studio by Renaud Picard himself.

These tracks are inspired by characters who have, each in his own time, had a prolific effect on Weird Omen. “The Goat” is a swampy, weird and defiantly un-danceable, staggering blues dirge about a devilish disciple the band used to commune with out on the open road. “Breakfast” is a strange and tortured psychedelic ballad in honor of the late, great Syd Barrett.