CD / Digital
December 17, 1998


The Sabre Records Story collects 27 phenomenal slabs of Detroit-area instrumental and vocal rock ‘n’ roll from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, featuring alternate takes, unreleased relics, and bonafide hits like “What’s the Word” by the Thunder Rocks.

Sabre Records was founded in 1960 by the Thunder Rocks who were, by then, a household name in Detroit. Their first release was Sabre #100: “War Path” b/w “Restless” by–you guessed it–Thunder Rocks. The success of their first issue gave the band’s signature phrase, “Ride the Rockin’ Rocket” new meaning: both Thunder Rocks and Sabre took off!

The fledgling label had little difficulty signing another of Detroit’s more prominent groups for it’s next release: the Low Rocks. These two killer releases boosted the popularity of the label and its bands in the Great Lakes area. Soon Sabre added other incredible local acts to its roster, including the Valiants, Egyptians, and Fred Farrah. The rest, as they say, is history.

This colossal 27-track compilation is an outstanding research project of a musical phenomenon that transcends time and styles and an absolute must-have for fans of the Back From the Grave, Strummin’ Mental, Teenage Shutdown and Pebbles series. The CD version includes a 22-page booklet with lots of rare photos, record label info, and extensive liner notes.