CD / Digital
November 29, 1996


The Huns were one of Austin, Texas’ best underground Punk bands circa 1978-79. The band’s original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Phil Tolstead, Dan Transmission on keyboards and backing vox, bassist Joel Richardson, drummer Tom Huckabee and guitarist Manny Rosario.

Manny was a tough-talking, paranoid Puerto Rican with an inferiority complex. He tended to write sincere, iconoclastic punk anthems, ripped riff-by-riff from other artists–usually the Buzzcocks. Punk Rock was his savior, and he considered himself one of a small handful of authentic Austin Punks. “Faster/shorter/louder” was his mantra. Manny would often threaten to beat up the rest of the band when they veered from the party line.

Notorious for their wild live performances, The Huns’ popularity hit the fan when Phil got busted for kissing a cop during one of their shows. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and abusive language. This incident pretty much ended the band’s career.

Get Hip proudly presents this much needed reissue of one of the band’s most electric live shows. The CD version includes a massive eight-page booklet featuring vintage photos and a complete oral history of The Huns, courtesy of drummer Tom Huckabee.