CD / Digital
September 30, 2000


Get Hip Recordings is happy to present the dynamic sophomore album from Buffalo, New York’s most provocative Rockabilly trio, The Irving Klaws!

Mutating rock, garage, punk, surf, horror, pop, and dementia into their patented “Pervasonic” sound, the Klaws serve up a concoction too potent for the weak-willed, brain-dead masses gobbling up every cliché cookie-cutter band that comes their way. The Irving Klaws aren’t afraid to cross musical boundaries.

This isn’t just another rockabilly band with songs about hot rods and trains. In fact, forget you ever even heard the term “rockabilly”–or “Psychobilly,” for that matter–and give this a listen! The Klaws just wanna make you dance! No trendy macho animosity. No formulas. No political messages. Just good… fucking…. ROCK’N’ROLL!!

As the title implies: let’s have a Pajama Party!