CD / Digital
February 3, 2009


Here it is: the long-awaited reissue of Masquerade (2006), third album by Portugal’s most mysterious one-man-band–The Legendary Tiger Man!

The Legend says: somewhere at the Crossroads, under a cover of darkness, a shooting appeared, and out of his lair, a Tiger Man arose playing the kick, the hi-hat, the guitar, the kazoo, and singing words of a hidden restless soul–all at the same time!

The Legendary Tiger Man is more than just a one-man band: he is a multi-media montage of music, cinema, and photography! Simultaneously combining roots with new technology (samples, beats, loops), he performs all of his instruments live, as if a soundtrack was playing in real-time, conjuring an awe-inspiring vision.

Indeed, for The Legendary Tiger Man, the purpose of art is to stir the emotion and arouse the senses!