12" LP / CD / Digital
March 15, 2005


Stockholm, Sweden’s Mainliners won’t waste your time. They aren’t concerned with image or with having the proper haircut; they only concern themselves with what is truly important: rock ‘n’ roll. Their gritty modern sound pays homage to obvious 1960’s influences while adding a certain freshness and aggression that only today’s youth can supply. Armed with a genuine fervor for music making, these boys are reigning classic rock with youthful vehemence.

The Mainliners combine the Stooges’ raw exuberance with good old British rhythm and blues and a taste of Kinks pop sensibilities, producing an explosive yet soothing sound. Frontman Robert Billing’s voice is reminiscent of a young Van Morrison and will surely give the Hives’ Howlin’ Pelle a run for his money. Such a visceral voice is accented by furious guitar work, trashcan drum beats, and solid bass lines.

The Mainliners are not formula rock. Their musical influences go from ’60s Them to ’70s Mott the Hoople to ’80s Sweden garage cult band The Creeps. They’re smooth, confident and original, attacking rock ‘n’ roll with a fuck-all attitude and the songs to back it up!