Since Halloween 1992, Mondo Topless has defied all logic and reason by continuing to dish out its garage-punk slop to dozens upon dozens of appreciative fans. One thing that has remained true has been the band’s steadfast, and some would even say stubborn, adherence to the true spirit of Garage Rock. You can hear it from the first demo on through to their most recent Get Hip release. Take It Slow, their second release for Get Hip, takes a page from the book of Lou Reed, which the band claims is “the best thing we’ve ever done.” Recorded at Slug Studios in Collingswood, NJ, which is in actuality the equipment-strewn attic in Kris’ house, the CD perfectly encapsulates the breathtaking variety of styles and influences at the band’s disposal — something like that. So keep your eyes open, and make sure to come and rock along to their over-the-top raunchy garage rock the next time they’re in your town!

Track Listing:

  1. Take It Slow
  2. Louise
  3. It Hurts Me
  4. Beer
  5. Can’t Dig It
  6. Conundrum
  7. Powerglide
  8. Stupidity
  9. Just One Thrill
  10. Crawl


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