12" LP / CD / Digital
November 8, 2004


“These are bad seeds. They are a negative breed of spite, jealousy, hatred and isolation. But goddammit, who isn’t?”

With these words–printed on the back of their eponymous debut album (c. 2000)–Rochester, New York’s Priests began a career in music inspired by the seedier, darker, almost ungodly aspects of life. Eschewing a codified formula for creativity, the band members seem to feed off one other; a symbiosis which, depending on moods, chemicals or mental stability, can be incredibly mesmerizing or cryptically haunting. Hypnotic guitar lines, fuzzed-out organ and tribal back-beat mixed with a dark Cramps-meets-Cynics vibe, form the foundations of their unusual and original sound. Sonically influenced by the classic rock n’ roll sounds of yesteryear, the band forges ahead, creating the music of tomorrow in their own image.

Tall Tales, the band’s third full-length release and first on Get Hip Recordings, was produced and engineered by Tim Kerr at Saxon Studios in New York. The album is a natural progression for the Priests. While maintaining their signature sound, the band has pushed their own boundaries, experimenting with guitar layers, feedback, vocal techniques and time lengths: the album’s scorching closer “Take What You Bring” clocks in at well over seven minutes.

The Priests feel that this is their best work to date and an album destined for greatness. Spread the word!