From high concept to one man band and finally, a full fledged rock ‘n roll combo. Cleveland’s Rainy Day Saints are what’s happening! Main man Dave Swanson has surrounded himself with what they refer to in the music biz as “top notch talent!” The amount of hours, days and years these guys have under their collective belts is, well…it’s a lot. From the rave reviews and major airplay of the first album, Saturday’s Haze, the anticipation is high for new RDS and Diamond Star Highway delivers in full! From the jangly to the distorted, from the pretty to the raw, from the rocked out to the acoustic and from the earthbound to the outer space, this new disc has it all. The influences are there, but they’re dressed up in their own way.  There is no filler amongst the 11 tracks that compile the album with 9 outstanding originals and 2 covers: the best take ever on the Dead Boys punk classic “Sonic Reducer,” which they slow down making it a spooky haunting ballad and Falling James’ “Terminal Island.” It’s the Rainy Day Saint’s happening, and it freaks them out! Yeah, it’s pop….yeah, it’s powerful…yeah, it’s rock and yeah, it does roll — so get strapped in and take a ride on the Diamond Star Highway!

Track Listing:

  1. I Don’t Follow
  2. Mirror Mystery
  3. No Surprise
  4. She’s Fallen Apart
  5. Waiting For You
  6. Infinity (Impossible Like a Train)
  7. Don’t Look Away
  8. Nowhere Girl
  9. Sonic Reducer
  10. Diamond Star Highway
  11. Terminal Island


For more information about the Rainy Day Saints, visit them online at: http://www.myspace.com/rainydaysaints