12" LP / CD / Digital
June 24, 2002


Truly brilliant! Since 1999’s Bright and Dark, Resonars guitarist Matt Rendon has refined his one-man band methodology so that the illusion of a four-piece combo is practically impenetrable. On this, their third LP, Rendon seems to have absorbed every significant guitar-style and sound between George Harrison’s Rick of ‘63 and Peter Green’s Les Paul of ‘69. But those are just the building blocks. Along with the spot-on harmonies, you might hear various echoes–but these are not pastiches. They are truly classic rock n’ roll tunes!

There’s the expected: the title track, an echo-laden, jangly folk-rock number, here powered by Moon-style drumming along with a raft of soaring harmonies and augmented with a touch more distortion on the guitar. Then there’s the peppy Hollies-like “Under Garden” and “Retro Rocket,” a headlong rush into A2/MC5 territory. “Little Spoiled Baby” is the first sign of any facility toward “ye olde” bloozy boogie. You also get both sides of the “Floor Lamp Eyes” 7-inch released in 2000 via Star Time (ST-8).

Lunar Kit is an elixir of the finest ingredients, able to make a blind man see, or even, possibly, drag you out of you pit of depression. Dig in!