12" LP / CD / Digital
October 16, 2007

On Nonetheless Blue, Arizona’s The Resonars continue to mine the field of top-shelf psychedelic pop. This, their fourth album, is probably their strongest, as the lead vocals of Matt Rendon are more self-assured than ever.

The songs are eminently catchy, and many of them could have been found on a series like Highs In the Mid ’60s without anybody finding out that they didn’t belong. Songs like “Nonetheless Blue” and “Sinking Is Slow” would have made perfect ’60s garage records, the kind that hit No. 1 in the band’s small-town charts but never got beyond that (a sad story of lots of classic records of that day).

Fans of The Grip Weeds will especially love “Your Concern,” “No Problem At All,” and “As a Matter of Fact,” as they feature that band’s signature thick harmonies and West Coast psychedelic vibe. In a likeminded but lighter vein is “If Darkness Comes Too Fast,” with an easy vibe not unlike that of the iconic pop/psych band, The Millennium