12" LP / CD / Digital
June 10, 1997


Get Hip is pleased to bring you this album of kick-ass garage rock from Seattle’s Garage-Punk band Sinister Six! Direct and loud, Sinisteria! is garage rock the way you really want it to be with 12 new songs to make your next party a stomp!

James Burdyshaw (aka Brother James) was already a legend in the Seattle music scene by the time the Sinister Six got underway in 1991. He had been involved with the mid-’80s trio 64 Spiders, the late-’80s rock group Catbutt with members of the U-Men and Girl Trouble, as well as the short-lived, early-’90s garage outfit Yummy. Burdyshaw founded the Sinister Six with vocalist Doug White, bassist Mark Ferkingstad, and drummer Erik Hildahl. Together the new quartet found themselves under the influence of various garage band luminaries — the most mentionable being the Sonics, who’d preceded the Sinister Six by three decades on the Northwest scene.