12" LP / CD / Digital
July 30, 2004


Four years after the Revelers’ disbanded, singer-songwriter Andrej Cuturic emerged reborn from his suburban basement in Cleveland, Ohio as Sleepykid.

Dismantling the Revelers’ Beatles-/Who-/Kinks-inspired garage rock and coming up with something new is easier said than done: sometimes you try ignoring Lennon/McCartney while still playing guitar and writing songs.  It’s not easy–but Sleepkidy worked through it in the home studio and on-stage, with gigs opening for Spoon, the Lilys, the Apples in Stereo and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The result: Monday Morning Smile.

Monday Morning Smile is not the complete reinvention of rock ‘n’ roll, but it is a departure from the three-chord cannon. Monday Morning Smile is quiet rock songs layered with strings and piano. Monday Morning Smile is bittersweet reflections. Monday Morning Smile is a hopeful step forward into the darkness of a new day. So all of you do yourselves a favor, and and go and put on a Monday Morning Smile!