12" LP / CD / Digital
May 25, 1999

Get Hip is proud to release the second full-length album by Dallas, Texas Rock’n’Roll monsters, The Mullens!
This one features 12new original sizzlers. With the same tunesmithing and raw, low production as their acclaimed debut, Go Where the Action Is needs no lighter fluid! Following the trend of their self-titled debut album, they got tougher and better with the same no-frills, no-nonsense, high-energy R&R.

It’s hard to believe this was recorded by the band in their own home studio! It was also self-produced. The sound quality is excellent and all the ingredients are there for the making of a great record, that will be listened with pleasure for years to come!

“Egg It On” kicks it off with a mean boot. “Don’t come Back” picks you up and shakes you breathless. “Sad Girl”, “Future Days”, “You Lied”, “Miserable Party” and “Lockjaw, Ohio” will rock you, tease you and please you.

The Mullens spent a good part of 1998 on the road, heating things up all over the U.S. and Canada. They spent weeks in a van, getting hot, sweaty, and pent-up just so they could release it all on Go Where the Action Is.