12" LP / CD / Digital
May 1, 2007

Finally, here is the second album by Austin’s #1 garage band! Following the lines of their outstanding debut “Bring On The Beats!” (Get Hip 2005), “Take A Stand With” brings the band’s style to another level, with a whole-band vocal approach. It starts with a bang with the title track, an upbeat garage rocker like only they can do. Then it tones down just a bit with beauties like the Beau Brummels-ish “Million Dollar Man” with a touching lead vocal by drummer Stephen Austin and the acoustic guitar-driven lovely ballad “Get In Line” with gorgeous vocal harmonies by Stephen and organist Jeanine. Joe Emery picks up the lead vocals in crowd-pleasers like “Light Comes On”, “You’re the One” and “Your Turn to Cry”. Nine original songs and 3 excellent covers of the Ventures, Nikki Corvette and the Remains round up the album. All bound to make you shake and stomp on the dance floor or in front of your laptop. Suit yourself. The Ugly Beats will get you all wrapped in rhythm’n’beat, leaving you believing in the power of Garage Rock. Amen.