Great collection of ’60s garage-punk and Beat from Italy! 26 total tracks that include 8 bonus tracks not on the original LP, issued as a limited pressing in the late ’80s. In the mid 60’s, Italy like many other countries throughout the world, had a music scene that seemed to spring up overnight with the advent of the Beatles.

Unlike scenes in Holland and Scandinavia, the Italian bands rarely had hits outside their own country due mainly to the fact that most of the bands sang solely in Italian. What a shame too, because as you’ll discover with this album, they were every bit as good as bands from England, Holland and the United States. Through this series we hope to expose bands, that for one reason or another, never got the recognition they really deserved. Very informative liner notes and photos make this your mandatory text book for Italian Garage Rock 101. So flip on this disc and enjoy! Ciao baby!

Track Listing:

  1. I Bisonti – Crudele
  2. I Chewing Gum – Senti questa Chitarra
  3. The Red Roosters – La Fina Vera
  4. Noi Tre – Distruggimi
  5. Gli Evangelisti – Un Ragazzo Di Strada
  6. Gli Evangelisti  – Sensazioni
  7. Le Anime – Il Tuo Ricordo
  8. Hugu Tugu  – Fino a ieri
  9. The Nightbirds – Nightbirds
  10. I Cinque Monelli  – Balbettando
  11. I Jaguars – Non Sei Sincera
  12. I Condors – Lei Per La Vita
  13. I Barrittas – Dusu Amigusu
  14. New Dada – La Quindicesima frustata
  15. I Profeti – Bambina Sola
  16. The Ranger Sound – Ricordami
  17. I Ragazzi Dai Capelli Verdi – Un tipo per te
  18. I Ragazzi Del Sole – Atto di Forza No. 10
  19. La Setta  – Bloodhound
  20. La Setta – Our Little Rendezvous
  21. I Chewing Gum – Tu sei al Buio
  22. I Fantoms  – Le Insegne Pubblicitarie
  23. Nico – Che vita e questa qua
  24. The Night Birds – Richard Cory
  25. Ragazza Notte  – I Ragazzi Dai Capelli Verdi
  26. I Barrittas – Non Uccidere