Happy Holidays From Get Hip! | 2015 Review + What’s New in 2016


Your friends at GET HIP RECORDINGS & DISTRIBUTION would like to thank you for your patronage, support, and attention throughout 2015 and wish you a happy, healthy new year!

2015 was a great one for Get Hip, seeing the launch of our newly renovated webstore and B2B service, plus a handful of stellar GET HIP  GET ART concerts featuring Sonny VincentSikes & The New Violence, White MysteryThe Ugly Beats, and Blue Ash’s Frank Secich & Jim Kendzor.

2015 also featured the release of two exceptional LP’s:

Pow Wows
Broken Curses

Sonny Vincent
Bizarro Hymns

Plus several unmissable entries in our Singles Going Steady 7″ series:

Baron Four
“I Don’t Mind” / “Things Are Getting Better”

The Maggie’s Marshmallows
“Come Along” / “Born Loser”

“I Wanna Kill You” / “They Were Doin’ The Pogo”

On And Ons
“Hard To Say Goodbye” / “You And I”

Tomb Weavers
“So Alone” / “Guilt”

So, what can you expect from Get Hip in 2016?

Phenomenal new releases from:

Paint Fumes

The Maggie’s Marshmallows

Viv & The Sect

(…and more!)

Plus three freshly reissued, classic albums by
legendary Scottish garage rockers

The Kaisers


Want more?
Keep an eye out for our brand new website, coming early in 2016!!

Best Wishes From