Exclusive: The Blind Owls “Four” (7″ EP)

The Blind Owls


Hidden Volume

Release Date
April 13, 2018

7″ EP on Mustard Yellow vinyl · 100 copies
7″ EP on black vinyl · 200 copies

Hi-Vo proudly presents the latest from The Blind Owls, a four-song EP appropriately titled Four that recalls the amphetamine energy of Cavern-era Beatles with the best of the Mersey sound we know you dig. Mixed by Matt Marando (The Above/Quitty & The Don’ts), side one kicks off with the full-throttle Easybeats-lovin’ “Make Up Your Mind” dance floor filler before ceding the spotlight to the ear-worm harmonies of “I’ll Be There”. The beat continues on side two with the ringing chords of “I Know” and the one-take glory of “Alright” will have you screaming “ALRIGHT!” into your speakers. That’s what we’ve been doing since we first heard these amazing cuts.