New Release: “F EAR LES S” by Karl Mullen

Get Hip Recordings (GHFS-6009)
Released January 8, 2021

1. A Mountain to Climb
2. By the Hand
3. I Don’t Know Why But I do
4. A Vampire Heart
5. Oblivion
6. Roll Yer Eyes Like a Pair of Dice
7. Baby, Goodbye
8. Stone Cold Soul
9. Let’s Build a Machine
10. True Romance
11. Everybody Knows the Good Shit is Over

Karl Mullen: vocals, guitar
John Walsh: mandolin, percussion, piano, bass, guitar
Pat Kilbride: piano, organ, accordion, bouzouki
Sarah McNair: backing vocals
Jackie Sedlock: backing vocals

Produced by John Walsh

Photography by Nina Cochran
Cover graphics by Alex Rosas


“Listen up, fellow passengers of the USS Calamity: Karl Mullen, tunesmith with punk rock creds and roadhouse chops has clambered aboard, duct-taped guitar strapped to his back, ingenuity in his veins. Fearless is a lyric record of quarantine, mouth pressed whisper-close to the mic, first takes recorded sotto voce late at night in a corner of the sleeping house, and finished in the barn where all hell breaks loose, mice at his feet, bats in the rafters. Mullen’s voice is sinuous as iron — forged in Dublin, tempered in Pittsburgh, and hammered in the Berkshires — growl and croon, tongue trill and whistle. Ear candy for the heart, tonic for the soul. Rudderless and captainless we may be, but at least now we’ve got Mullen to remind us that the good shit ain’t over.”

Cassandra Cleghorn
Poetry Editor, Tupelo Press

“My goodness, Karl. This is the best music I think you’ve ever recorded solo. This is such a moving, stirring, beautifully sung collection of songs. I especially love ‘Everybody Knows the Good Shit is Over’ and ‘Oblivion.’ How it is that you continue to get better with age is beyond me. Instead of slowing down, you’re revving up the creative juices. This is a masterpiece!”

Tony Norman
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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