The CANDY SNATCHERS New 7″ Single on BLACK LUNG RECORDS. Get Hip Exclusive!



Black Lung

7″ Record — BL-40

One of the most chaotic and dangerously fun Punk-Rock bands to come out of the 90’s return with 2 new songs that draw in the same adrenaline- fueled, fast-paced guitar hook-ladden style that made them popular with Larry May screeching as good as ever!

Formed in Virginia in the early 90’s The Candy Snatchers left a trail of blood, chaos and killer Punk-rock tunes in many releases during the 90’s and 00’s. Though they never quite stopped they have been more quiet in recent years. This new single shows the band in prime form and their recent live shows prove it!

No one commands an audience like Larry May and The Candy Snatchers- from the first second live on stage they perform like unleashed beasts – looking at each other like even they don’t know what is going to happen next so you better hold on- you’re in for a wild ride. They really are one of the greatest live bands on the planet and Larry can school any front man on how to entrance and entertain regardless of if they’re even playing- he and the Candy Snatchers have always been a force to witness if you’re lucky enough to catch them on one of their rare appearances.”
~ Ruyter Suys / Nashville Pussy