THE CYNICS “Here We Are”

12" LP / CD / Digital
October 16, 2007


Seventh and most likely best album to date by Pittsburgh’s almighty Cynics, who continue to amaze audiences worldwide with their songwriting talent and ever-inspiring energetic live shows. The songs range from folk rock ballads to fuzzed-out punkers and some surprises!

Says GP Colton, Listener/Writer/King of Men — The Mighty Cynics are back with a New LP and the same fuzzed out mayhem that has made their live shows legendary.In the last year The Cynics have been extremely active, playing shows and Festivals in London, Rotterdam, Stockholm, a full tour of Norway, all over Spain, Festival Beat in Italy, and even a few acoustic shows which spotlighted the rich song writing talents of the Kastelic/Kostelich team.

Never has their talent been more on display than on the new LP. Those who had the chance to listen to advance demossay it is probably the best Cynics record ever, on par with their classic Rock’n’Roll LP. It was recorded in early 2007 in Gijon (Spain) at Circo Perrotti Studios, and counts with the collaboration of the members of Doctor Explosion, Jorge, Pibli and Kaplan as well as other great guest musicians.

Kastelic and Kostelich came out of the Punk Rock Movement in their early teens and into the Real Punk world of Garage rock during the mid-eighties. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they have been at the forefront of this scene for more than 20 years now. Along with The Fuzztones, The Lyres, and The Chesterfield Kings, The Cynics have always been regarded as garage rock royalty. Kostelich still owns and runs the Garage rock label Get Hip. Kastelic’s wailing screams, his on and offstage antics, and his legendary tequila consumption have made an impression on points all over the globe.

Here’s what the cognoscenti of Trash are saying about the new LP:

The Cynics are sure to gain a wider appeal than ever before with their newest album… Gregg Kostelich’s playing and arranging here is tightened to such an extent that every influence shines through with infectious clarity… Michael Kastelic’s singing is his most expressive in years. The lyrics continue the familiar laments of loneliness, and lost or unobtainable love, but with a surpassing wit and expanded poetic pallette… Here We Are proves in musical terms, that the “We” in it’s title refers not just to The Cynics themselves, but to their audience as well. The accomplishment of such a feat is not to be underestimated…

Gregg Kostelich (Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Backing vocals)
Michael Kastelic (Lead vocals, Electric piano, Harmonica)
Pablo Piblatovic (Drums, backing vocals)
Angel Kaplanovich (Bass, backing vocals)

Jorge Explosion: electric guitar, bass, backing vocals
Parlsley the Lion: organ
Chus Naves: Piano on Courtney
Kiko Flores: Baritone and Alto Sax
Miguel Herrero: Trumpets

Recorded and mixed at Circo Perrotti Studios 03/07
Mastered by: George Ingram in Nashville, TN
Produced by: Jorge Explosion