Electric Ferrets Psychedelic Punk Rock Band


Green & Purple vinyl.

Get Hip
LP Records — GH-1188


A concept Psych-Garage-Rock album! Beatuful package includes Comic Book and small full color album. Double LP on Green and Purple wax Limited to 500 copies!

The Electric Ferrets have produced a double album inspired by the classic concept albums and double albums of the sixties and seventies.

The Electric Ferrets constructed their effort based on the variety of music presented by albums like the Beatles Sgt. Pepper and White album but funneled it through a modern psychedelic, punk rock, garage rock, hard rock, surf rock sound with a little bit of country music thrown in. The Electric Ferrets are giving you the whole enchilada in one double album.

The Electric Ferrets wanted to create a coherent listening experience where you can play one side of an album and feel complete in your listening experience or play both sides and feel as if you listened to a fully realized record or go the distance and play all four sides to be transported through the musical excursion the Electric Ferrets want to take you on.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in over a year, this is the record the Electric Ferrets always hoped to create but, in the past, did not have the resources to do so.

The Electric Ferrets are original members Greg Wallace on vocals and lyrics with Mark “Flying Ike” Robison on lead guitar and co musical creator.

The Electric Ferrets have a powerhouse rhythm section with Todd Guzman on bass and Don McCurdy on drums. Todd and Don are both long time veterans of the LA punk scene and have many miles of recording and punk record releases under their belt.